Faith over fear

My life just completely flipped upside down. I recently ended my engagement to a man I thought I knew, and life is headed in a different direction then I planned. Love is such an easy word, but is messed up by our innate need as humans to complicate such vulnerability. Now is my chance to let life be the way I’ve always wanted it. Here’s to chasing dreams, and not letting anyone drown me. Here’s to new adventures, and here is to being free.

 blog post #1

“Sometimes the one thing we are most afraid of is the one thing that will set us free.” We all have fears. Why take counsel from the one thing in our minds that lie to us? How many times are they accurate? More often then not, the fear in our mind is the biggest lie there is. I decided to stop listening to all the lies in my life, including my fears. This decision came easy when I was at the one place I feel free, the beach. I was so empowered in that moment, I had to capture it. (featured below) It was the moment I decided to let my faith override my fear. Now that’s a moment to capture.

IMG_1754So my blog is the place where I capture my faith overriding my fear. I have a feeling my mom is the only one who will ever see this. But that isn’t the point. The point is that my life is mine now, and maybe someday, somehow it can inspire someone else to do the same.


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