Fight song

One of my favorite feelings, is empowerment. I love over coming challenges, conquering obstacles, and proving to myself that I am capable of whatever I set my mind to. In my opinion, that’s a part of life. Progression doesn’t happen over night, and the experiences that help us progress are not always the way we want to experience growing.

Our souls are a part of our core as human beings. Music speaks to the soul, and right now my soul is under a major makeover. Like, major. The end of every heart break has two completely different endings: you give in, or you fight. You acknowledge your feelings in both, and then you decide. Will you choose to be consumed in heart break? Or take back your life? The choice is yours. That was the inspiration I felt during what I now consider to be my anthem, while I find my way back to adventure. This song is one of those rare combinations of a heavy beat, and an impactful message. Regardless of your struggle, circumstance, or time of life I would bet a lot of money that you can identify to this song. So let’s you and I take this song’s advice and take back our lives.


One thought on “Fight song

  1. This is a “turn it up loud and sing at the top of your lungs” song. I’d never heard it before and I love it. Thank you!


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