Make Music Pasadena

So one of the first outings on my road back to adventure was the make music pasadena festival! I’ve realized that sometimes, there are speed bumps to finding a skip in your step again. Today was a speed bump kind of day. Maybe this is too dramatic (but I’m an overly emotional mess right now so bear with me), but in some cases experiencing a break up is equivalent to experiencing a death or a loss. Someone you loved is gone, completely gone, and there is no turning back. I believe the only way to truly get over one’s negative feelings is to acknowledge them, let them sink in and process them. The key is to not let yourself dwell on these negative feelings. A positive frame of mind leads to a positive lifestyle. That’s the way to happiness once again.


That was the frame of my mind I had going into the festival yesterday and it turned out to be SO much fun (It helps that I had two of my best friends with me). One of my closest friends is a photographer so he even whipped out his camera and we had a mini photoshoot amongst the festivities!


As I have said before I am little obsessed with fashion so I was definitely curious to check out some of the current trends at make music pasadena! Lots of crop tops, and crazy patterns. I noticed a lot of people mixing patterns that you wouldn’t normally mixed, but it totally worked! I had seen the mixing pattern trend previous to make music, so I had rose printed leggings, with cheetah print vans. I thought that was pretty bold….until I got there. This was nothing! The bolder the better!

IMG_1875 (1)


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