Before I start my random ramblings…I am SO overwhelmed at the response I’ve gotten in such a short amount of time since starting my blog. Public and private messages of sweet words from YOU. So, thanks 🙂 It’s nice to know you aren’t as alone as you sometimes think.

Life is all about change. People change, environments change, social groups change, the list goes on and it gets exhausting. Some changes are good, some changes are in between, and some changes…just suck. It’s one of those annoying life things, that you sometimes can’t do anything about. It just happens, wether we want it to or not. In my opinion the only thing that keeps humans sane from change is love. Love is the one thing that remains the same. The way we show it and receive it may change, as we change, but love is a presence in our life that doesn’t have to disappear. The only way it can evaporate is if we let it. There is that saying (that I can’t remember off the top of my head, so excuse me while I butcher it), that talks about how there is always someone out there that loves us. Even if they aren’t right in our face reminding us all the time. Even when life seems to be totally against you, there is always a small sign of love if you look for it. It’s all about your perspective. But if you keep your eyes, and ears, open you’ll find it. I can promise you that. I’ve had moments where I just feel like a ragamuffin. Just plain old scum. A song comes on the radio, and it reminds me of a happy memory, or the lyrics are just too good and totally relate to what I’m going through. In my carnival of a brain, those are little signs to me of love. That someone out there gets it, and gets me. They know what I am going through and I am not alone. That “someone” that just gets it and reminds you of love is different for everyone, but for me it’s God. And I am so grateful for those little reminders that I am not alone and that somebody loves me, even when I’m in a ragamuffin mood.

Change used to scare me, like to the point of a panic attack. But then I decided to embrace the change, and use it to empower me and see what could happen. Lately in my personal life there has been a lot of change, so its time to embrace the storm. Call me a dork, but to me one way to embrace change is to get a new do for my hair. So this week I tried to embrace the change and went for it! A little nervous. Haven’t had bangs since the dawn of time, but why not? Life is all about adventure, right? Knowing that I have an anchor of love and that my entire world could be changed but love is the constant brings me peace. Any kind of change could come my way, but I could do it. Because love is the anchor to keep us humans sane.



One thought on “Change

  1. Can we best friends? I am so inspired by you. Thank you for always being a rock to not only me, but so many others who needed you without even knowing. God knew. And you answered his call. Thank you, friend. I love you always and forever.


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