Happiness. There are not many other words in the english language that hold as much meaning as this one. Everyone’s definition of happiness is different. My happiness is a day at the beach, or spending time with someone I love (Also a Dr. Pepper in my hand is pure bliss).  I can remember as a teenager writing lists of things that make me happy. I know it sounds like the weirdest thing to make a list of things that make you happy, but #1 I’m a list maker. #2 I just wanted to be happy. I didn’t want to be sad about things I couldn’t control anymore. I assumed going shopping, and driving to the beach everyday would do the trick. Then everything would be ok, because I was doing things that I told myself made me happy. But then it still wasn’t ok. I was still upset. I was still angry. I then found what turned into one of my life mottos and my favorite definition of happiness:


(Courtesy of tipsoftravelling.com)

I believe that we must choose to let ourselves have that frame of mind always. At some points in our lives it’s a daily decision we must make, and sometimes we are at the place in life where it comes naturally. But it’s still a choice. Why choose anything other than happiness? Sometimes we choose not to be. As humans we are the first to critique ourselves, and convince our minds we don’t deserve it. But that simply isn’t true. So choose to be happy. Maybe you are a weirdo like me, and making a list of things that make you happy can you help you achieve that frame of mind. Maybe you are one of the lucky ones who can flip the switch and decide right now, to always be happy. Regardless of how you handle it, you deserve all the happiness in the world because you, are you. So choose happiness today. Don’t let the critic in your mind tell you that you deserve anything less.  Another helpful hint: jam out to the tune below while writing that list (I’m sorry I couldn’t resist).


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