Makeover Monday

As I have said before, I love fashion. I love clothes, I love magazines, I love fashion week. I dream of shaking Karl’s hand and seeing that white glove in person. After working for Forever 21, Nordstrom, studying fashion in school, working on design projects with Urban outfitters and other companies, interning for photographers and fashion designers, and even designing my own line: I feel like I’ve learned a thing or two about how to dress. One of the most helpful tips I’ve learned along the way is to have a style guide. Find a celebrity or anyone really, who has the same body type as you and study what they wear. It sounds slightly stalker-ish but let me explain. They have the big wigs of fashion at their fingertips, and are paying the fashion gurus to tell them how to dress for their specific body type. So lets all take advantage of the help being offered! By observing what they wear it’s easier for us to determine what looks are flattering, and not so flattering to said body type. It’s a great excuse to buy that magazine you’ve been eyeing at the grocery store while loading your groceries on the belt. In addition to body type, color is just as important. So make sure you are implementing the shapes and silhouettes of your new celebrity style guru, but be cautious when it comes to color. You most likely do not have the same coloring as your style icon. Remember to put yourself into what you wear to. Don’t replicate your celebrity inspiration. Be you! There is already one of them, and there is only one of you. So own it! Take what they have done, and make it you.

On a side note, I personally also like to have a celebrity style icon that doesn’t exactly represent my body type, but inspires me to create outfits that represent more of my personal style. Then I add my other celebrity style for what fits my body type. I guess  It’s a formula really. But wayyyyy more fun then math 😉

Taylor Swift ~ Body type inspiration



Lauren Conrad ~ Style inspiration



TS + LC = Me!


* Not featured in the photo: Skinny jeans, knee high gray colored socks, and black leather knee high boots!


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