Inside out AKA the cutest movie I’ve seen in a while

For the record, it was my eight year old sister that begged me to take her, and her friend to see it ;).  In all seriousness the movie inspired a few ramblings I thought I’d share…

Pixar Post - Inside Out Joy Cheers Up Sadness


So… SPOILER ALERT: Two of the main characters, Joy and Sadness (featured above and I’m pretty sure it’s easy to figure out who is who), don’t exactly get along. Joy can’t understand why sadness wants to be sad all the time. Sadness can’t understand how Joy has the energy to be happy all the time. Long story short: they come to find out how much they actually need each other. Joy can’t feel joy, unless there is some sadness too. Sometimes during a rough patch all we want is happiness. We want the pain to go away and we want to feel joy. But if we didn’t know sadness, we wouldn’t know joy. If we didn’t know joy, we wouldn’t know sadness. As opposite as they may be, they need each other and we need them. I do not believe the feeling of joy could be as rewarding as it without experiencing sorrow. I wouldn’t trade my personal moments of joy or sadness for anything. They’ve made me who I am today, and brought me closer to the people I love. So the next time you are down…be grateful for the sadness, because her best friend joy is right behind her 🙂

Such a cute movie that everyone can identify with! Happy weekend!


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