Makeover Monday: Closet Cleanse

I was seriously overwhelmed at the response from last week’s makeover Monday, so here it is again! One of the most valuable tips I have learned about maintaining one’s sense of style, is that it’s all about how clean your closet is (Actually…it’s all about a lot of things, but this one is definitely important!). There are TONS of tricks and tips all over Pinterest about how to organize your closet in  a way that makes sense to you. What works for me is grouping categories together (skirts, dresses, jeans etc.). My jewelry is hung up in my closet too, so that it is easy to see when I’m deciding what to wear. Once you have your closet organized it’s important to keep it up to date. I have found that by going through my clothes about once every six months I am able to stay on top of my wardrobe! Every closet should have it’s staple pieces. What you wear the most, and the basics (There will be a later post ALL about the staples). Then you add from there, the things you like, the things that are trendy, the things for the particular season you are in. Once the six months is up, it’s time to go through your clothes and get rid of what you don’t like, what you don’t wear anymore, and what’s not currently in season. Why would you want your winter cardigan hanging up in your closet in the middle of summer? Space bags are the greatest invention known to man kind! They can help store all of the off season clothing. As far as the trendy things or things you aren’t so into anymore, (remember taste changes ALL the time, and is influenced by EVERYTHING, so don’t be afraid to part with those things. There are new pieces to love even more on their way!) I invite my friends over for a “Shopping spree.” Two of my best friends in high school LOVED to come over and go through what I was over, and take home new treasures. Whatever didn’t pass their test, went straight to a local charity to share! There are also plenty of options to sell them as well, and make money for the next round of favorites! Here is my latest six month closet cleanse:


What are your favorite tips and tricks to keep your style up to date? Comment below!


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