I was driving in the car the other day, with a very dear friend in the driver’s seat. We were on our way to the beach. I was feeling pretty hopeless about the future. I didn’t believe it was going to work out they way I had always hoped. My friend’s ipod was blaring tunes from our high school days, when all the sudden there was a more recent song that began to play. There was a sweet melody, and touching words that filled my little heart with more hope then it could contain. The lyrics went something like this:

Maybe I’m wrong
Maybe I’m right
Maybe I just let you walk by
What can I say
Maybe I’ve known you all my life
Is she the one? Is it today?
Will I turn the corner
See my future in a beautiful face

She’s anything but typical
A sweet surprise
No matter what, she’s looking at the bright side

It’s gonna be worth it
Cause that’s what love is
I’ll keep searching for my kind of perfect

I have said before, and will probably say 100 more times, music speaks to the soul. It’s healing remedy amazes me. It never fails, and is one of the rarest forms of consistency. This sweet song reminded me that we are not in control of anything, except our agency. Our choices are what we will account for at the end of the day. We must have faith that our version of perfect, is always around the corner if we make the right choices. Life is filled with moments and our agency dictates what occurs during these moments. So while we strive for perfect, how will we fill those moments? The choice is yours. Today, and in that moment in the car with my dear friend, I choose to fill my moments with hope. Hope that one day, my kind of perfect will appear.


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