Top shop, step & repeat, cocktail dresses and more!

My latest excursion on my road back to adventure, was attending a Charity event hosted by fellow Blogger, Courtney Sixx! The event was hosted by Top shop and How 2 girl (Courtney’s ADORABLE blog, here is the link: It was every girl’s dream: fancy drinks, fancy clothes, and Instagram pictures to last you for a decade. The party was amongst the racks of clothes and aisles of accessories, so of course there was shopping involved! 10% of the proceeds went to breast and ovarian cancer research, so of course I had to be on the look out for some goodies. I walked away with a small black satchel, attached to a long gold chain. I’ve been looking for one that was the right size for what feels like EVER, and I finally found it! How could I say no when the proceeds were going to such a helpful cause! 😉 Now, as for the outfit I stepped out in….

One of my favorite fashion tricks is to stick to a color, and build on top of it. Regardless of the occasion, or article of clothing. In this case it’s a cocktail party, and flirty dress. If I wear a print I usually keep the accessories minimal so the print can speak for itself. But I view wearing a color like a canvas, and the accessories are the paint. I found this adorable bright green dress. I added a fun gold necklace with some gold and pearl bangles, and a smokey eye to top if off. I wore beige colored wedges that aren’t featured in the picture. PS. Debuting my outfit on a step and repeat was kind of the coolest thrill in a while. Thanks Courtney and Tracy for the invite!



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