Let Freedom ring

As the water balloons were tossed and the fireworks went off, I continually reflected on what the word ‘freedom’ meant to me. There have been times throughout my life where it has felt like my freedom has been taken away from me. It was my choice when it was, I let it happen. But it still happened, and I still let it. Freedom means we have the ability to choose our course of nature. I believe that our destiny is not necessarily handed to us, but chosen individually. We choose where we want to end up in life. We choose how to be, we choose what to wear, we choose what to say, we choose to be free. Freedom and agency are hand in hand, like peanut butter and jelly. It’s hard to have one without the other. When those brave men and women fought the great fight so long ago, they fought for our ability to choose. They fought for our freedom to just be, in all aspects of life. Once I determined my definition of freedom, it made me immensely grateful for the brave men and women who fight so willingly for our ability to just be. Past and present generations have fought the good fight, and my prayer is that the future generations will continue to defend our right to just be.

On a lighter note, I hope you and yours had a great 4th! I captured this super cool shot of my siblings during our water balloon toss and had to share!



After walking away from our water extravaganza with a lovely sunburn,  I was extremely grateful for the view of the fireworks in my own backyard. Cheetah print slippers and homemade ice cream made the evening that much better, and the sunburn a little easier to bear 🙂



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