Makeover Monday: The staples

As promised here is the next piece of makeover Monday! The last makeover Monday post was all about organizing and updating your closet. The “Staple” pieces in each closet are the pieces the rest of your wardrobe revolves around. The staples are your investment pieces. Don’t be afraid to spend a little extra on these pieces, they are what your whole wardrobe is about! Since starting makeover Monday I’ve noticed I like explaining the steps to a perfect look, with an equation. So here is the staple equation: There are two categories to the staple pieces. The basics (the pieces that keep a wardrobe going) and the personal basics (the pieces that make your wardrobe YOURS!). The basics are the versatile pieces that can work with anything. They are your back ups, and the pieces that don’t require much thought. They just go with the flow! The personal basics are where you get to show the world who you are. Fashion is an expression of who you are, so let the world know how fabulous you are!  Here are my staples, let me know what you think! What would add? Take away? Comment below!

The basics:

Plain White button down. Matches with everything and anything. Perfect for business, casual, day at the beach. You name it, it’ll work!

white button down


A basic black pencil skirt is a perfect canvas for your own personal touches!



The perfect pair of skinny jeans (or straight legged jeans, if skinnies aren’t your thing!) are a must to everyone’s wardrobes! The most basic, of basics. Jeans go with it all. Any season, any day any time! I think a darker wash compliments most patterns and colors. (Maybe not this dark…but this was the only picture I could find that had the cut of jeans I was going for!)



A black blazer goes casual, business, dinner out, a day out. It’s incredibly versatile. Also, a side note: There are washer approved blazers, not all of them have to be dry cleaned!



Comfy Solid colored t-shirts are a MUST. On most days I rock one of these, and then when it’s time to dress it up, I’ll add one of my personal staples. I like v-necks that are knit. I love layering them with tons of accessories too. My favorite places to get some are Nordstrom, and Urban Outfitters. For a cheaper selection, Forever 21 usually has them in stock in TONS of colors. My collection is growing and I’m way too embarrassed to tell you how many colors I have! But they are comfy…and go with like everything…

v neck t-shirts


My Personal basics:

This is where it gets fun! My #1 personal staple (that has been since I was a kid) is a jean jacket! I love them. I think they are so comfy. Denim matches with everything, so why not wear it on top too? My collection is in a couple of different shade so of denim. There is this little store called Kaitlyn, that’s where I find my favorite denim jackets!

jean jacket


Cheetah print vans. I have no real explanation. Except that I am obsessed with cheetah print. And these shoes.

cheetah vans


Patterned leggings. The comfiest, easiest ensembles come together with these. My favorite are my rose printed ones. But my collection for these is growing quickly too…


(I got these at target!)

What are you staple pieces? Do you agree with the must haves? What are your personal ones? Comment below!


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