Current obsessions

There are some summer trends I’ve been eyeing for a while that I thought I’d share! This post may seem a bit scattered, but the style tips and fashion observations have sort of just been swirling around in my head, so here it is. The pictures were all taken at a local lake with the ever faithful Josh!

To add on to the latest makeover Monday post, staple accessories can also help achieve a balanced wardrobe. The staple accessories are simple and basic. Versatility is the key to staples. They should be the pieces that don’t require much thought, and you can grab on the go. I have my gold staples, and silver staples. According to what outfit I am wearing, I can switch between the silver and gold.

My gold staples right now and featured in the photo below are: a single gold bangle, pearl earring, a gold and pearl necklace, and a simple gold statement ring.


Another trend I am beginning to fall in love with is tunics! I am OBSESSED with this tunic I recently snagged from free people. It is beyond comfy, and I am wondering why I haven’t jumped on this trend sooner!


What are some trends you have been eyeing this summer? I have also noticed big black tote bags in every store, and on every girl’s arm! Any others??


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