A dash of personality

Ever since starting my blog I’ve been reading TONS of other blogs similar to mine. I love seeing other people’s stories, and reading about their triumphs. The common thread among all the blogs I’ve enjoyed has been how personal each one is. I thought that I had a done a good job making my blog as personal as I could, but then I realized there is always a way to make something better, dig a little deeper, and try a little harder. So I came up with a few random ramblings to add a dash of personality to my blog, so you don’t keep reading random fashion tips and thoughts about life from a stranger 🙂

  • I am a list maker through and through (hence turning this “about me” into a list). One of my favorite feelings is crossing something off my to-do list. I love how accomplished I feel, and like there is some tiny slice of the world i’ve conquered.
  • French fries are my true love. A coke and medium fry, from good old Mickey d’s, is the way to my heart.
  • I still tear up at the end of the notebook, even though I know exactly how it’s gonna end. I’ve watched that movie a thousand times!!
  • I started this blog as a way to express what I felt like I had trouble saying out loud.
  • Writing is one of my passions, along with nailing my lip syncing techniques to Katy Perry’s “California Girls”.
  • Disneyland is my happy place. SO many childhood memories there. My mom was a secret shopper for disney while I was a kid, so “take your kid to work day” was a weekly thing. Can you say luckiest kid ever?
  • I am a complete control freak when it comes to cleaning and organizing. I like things perfectly spotless and labeled. I know, I know good luck when it comes time for mommyhood.
  • My siblings are EXTREMELY important to me. Like my ride or die peeps. I am not very good at defending myself sometimes, but when you mess with one of them the dragon lady inside of me is released.
  • Christmas lights make me happy.
  • “White Christmas” is one of my favorite holiday movies.
  • One day, when the time is right, I’ll write more about this: In 6th grade I was diagnosed with a generalized anxiety disorder. (That time came…click on the link to read more.)
  • I first fell in love with fashion around 5 years old. That story is to come too.
  • I may love disneyland, but I am TERRIFIED of Mickey Mouse. Like he comes near, and I run and scream. Don’t know why, it’s just the way it’s always been.
  • Reality TV is my weakness. Bring on the Housewives, and yes of course I keep up with the Ks! (My mom is going to be completely embarrassed that I just admit to watching that.)
  • I can sing every word to every “High school Musical” song…from all 3 movies. (And if my Mom wasn’t embarrassed before she definitely is now…)
  • I have absolutely fallen in love with blogging, and never expected it to turn into what it is beginning to.
  • One of my biggest lifelong dreams has been/ is to travel to Europe and see the Eiffel tower in person.
  • I have skydived.
  • I have also bungee jumped.
  • Even though I am scared of heights.
  • But I am like one of those “over come your fears and don’t let them hold you back because life sucks when you do” people. Hence the skydiving…and bungee jumping.

My goal with this post is not only to be more open and honest with you, my sweet reader, but to make it clear that life isn’t always what it seems. Even the people that seem like they have it all together, and for the record I am not claiming to be, don’t. They have their silly quirks and ticks, just like you. We are human after all, and humans don’t come with a manual for how to solve the imperfections. The quirks and ticks are what make each of us special, just like our Mommies told us 🙂


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