The perfect summer time soirée

After years of hunting for the perfect spontaneous adventures with these two (and the little tag along 🙂 ), we’ve learned a thing a two about the how to nail a perfect summer time party. The goal is for it to be as inexpensive as possible, and a ton of fun. After a day full of school, work and adult like duties, we wanted a break from life! Contrary to popular belief, not everyone in California has a pool…so we had to get creative and fast! For our little pool party inspired soirée, we ran to Target and decided to grab the closest thing we could find to a pool: A slip-n-slide! It was quite a blast from the past, and super fun. The Target close to home has a slurpee machine on hand, and luckily we had an iphone to blast our spotify playlists from. Once we plugged the hose in, the fun began! My personal opinion is that spontaneous parties, are the best. But I am a notorious planner, and do love putting together a party for those I love. So for my fellow planners here is the master list for your summer pool inspired party!

1. Your guest list. Small or large you decide! Just make sure there is enough of whatever activity you choose to keep everyone entertained.

2. You water inspired activity~ The center piece of your party! Some ideas to get your brainstorming rolling: slip-n-slide, water ballon toss, water gun fight, water tag, water ballon volleyball…the ideas are endless!

3. Everyone loves a feast, and while a a summer soriee may not call for a feast, it’s important to keep your guest hydrated! Flavored water, sports drinks, or slurpees are some summer inspired drinks. Since everyone will be wet I think it’s best to keep individually wrapped snacks on hand. Small fruit cups, pre-made or homemade are one of my favorites! A fire pit with some smores are always a summer hit if your pool inspired event is in the evening.

4. Music. Something about throwing on your favorite song in the background, makes moments like these all the more sweet. So make sure your current favorites are downloaded and ready!

5.Have fun, and overload your instagram!



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