be YOU

My blog marks the beginning of a new chapter in my life. It’s time for a fresh start and a promise not to dwell in the past. I believe trials only make us stronger, and are placed in our path for a wiser purpose then we initially understand. I believe agency holds more power then we realize, and we literally can choose every thought, feeling, emotion, and action. With that said, I don’t always choose happiness. I don’t always choose to be kind. I don’t always choose to think smart. But every time I choose. In my life I’ve noticed a theme, I always choose to let others control my happiness. I let others decide how I feel about something, and sometimes I give other too much control over my actions. I literally am handing people my agency. It isn’t helping anyone, especially me. This has happened time and time again in my life and it’s time for it to stop. The more I think about it, the more I realize it’s all about confidence. (It seems like that’s the answer to more life questions then I sometimes realize) With confidence comes peace in who you are, actions, thought, feelings, emotions included. Knowing that YOU are enough can disintegrate the need to place your agency on someone’s else shoulders.


I believe Confidence comes from the inside. And most definitely by not letting others control who you are or who you can become. There is no need to receive validation from others who even have a slight desire to try and take your ability to choose. Your sparkle is what makes you special. So don’t let someone twist it. It’s yours, not theirs. They have their own. Everyone has their own beauty, their own sparkle, their own story to tell. Own your story, own your beauty. Because this world is running out of originality, and it needs you.


Even though most of this post has been about beauty on the inside this giveaway is about the beauty on the outside. Nothing like a little beauty makeover to inspire your confidence makeover. This giveaway package includes some goodies from Sephora! A cheek tint from benefit, bobbi brown eye shadow, perfume and more! Here is what to do to enter:

1. Make sure you are following me on instagram. There is a link to the right of this post!

2.  Tag 2 friends on my last instagram post that you think would like the blog.

3. If you have a wordpress account, follow my blog! If not, enter your email at the bottom of this page.

A winner will be choosen 24 hours from now using!


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