The plan to be free part 1

A friend recently said to me, “It’s your story to tell when and how you choose.” Those words of wisdom inspired this post…

Once upon a time in a far away land, there was a beautiful princess that hoped to one day find her prince. She searched and she searched, and one day he came. He said and did all of the right things. Until one day he didn’t. But the princess was so happy to have finally found a prince, that she choose not to notice. It came time for the prince and princess to merge their two kingdoms. To make one they would call their own. In each respective kingdom, the prince and princess played a vital part. As they began to form a kingdom to call their own their respective kingdom’s begin to tear. The King and Queen of the Princess began to observe stress and anger coming from their princess. They wondered where it was coming from, the duties of being a princess? Was the responsibility to much handle? They began to alter the duties of their princesses’s title, in order to accommodate, what seemed to be, the needs of their princess. Expecting a happy result to come, her royal parents were perplexed to discover their princesses’s condition worsening.

Meanwhile the Prince was happy. Life was beginning to turn out the way he had always wanted. So he gave up. He decided it was time to stop trying, because everything he had ever wanted was about to be his.  In the Prince’s kingdom, the royal court decreed they were prepared and ready for such a joyous occasion. When the palace doors closed each night, negative feelings would cling to the air like a skunk’s smell. Tension begin to rise, false accusations began, and what was once seemingly uncomplicated became convoluted. There was no said reason as to why the tension erupted, still to this day there is no explanation for the disruption in the Prince’s kingdom, but everyone in each respective kingdom had their theories and ideas. Each idea and theory was blown out of proportion. Words were twisted and negative feelings begin to arise among the kingdoms. The Prince began to feel anxious, and wasn’t familiar with how to handle the stress his life began to bring. He began to tell the Princess how to feel, because he lost control of his.

The princess attempted to make her prince happy. Her only concern was his feelings. When he wasn’t happy, she altered anything and everything to help him. She gave up her life, and the things, and people she loved so he would understand he wasn’t alone. But he didn’t. He became more anxious, and demanded, and expected control. The Princess wondered why. She questioned if she could run a kingdom with this prince. She wondered why he wouldn’t give her what she needed. She had asked, sometimes she felt like she begged. But he didn’t listen. She was tired of being the one to give what was needed, and not receive what was needed. The prince didn’t care, but that’s not what the princess saw. She saw her kingdom being destructed. The one dream that had seemed unattainable for so long, slowly losing hope. She wondered if her sacrifices would ever end, because she didn’t have much left to give.


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