So the new school year is here…..

One of my favorite times of year is the first day of school. Crazy, right? Well let me explain: I love the feeling of beginnings. Think of how much magic and possibility is held in one little word. Begin. The greatest stories throughout time, all have a beginning. There is nothing to lose, and nothing to gain, life just is. I am one of those people who like things to be perfect. All the time. One life lesson that I am constantly trying to drill into my skull is that perfection will not, and can not be found in this lifetime. Beginnings for a perfectionist like me, bring a sense of peace. There is no room to mess up, there is no room for excuses, and there is no past to follow you. There is something so thrilling about getting a fresh start, and getting lost in the wonderment of what if? Recently, I’ve decided to act on the wonderment instead of just….wonder. Life is what you make it, and the story can only end as good as it begins. Make the beginning of this one the best beginning you have ever had. You are in control of your own story, no one else. Try something new, make a new friend, do something completely out of your comfort zone, and let life begin!  One of my favorite quotes states, “Trust the magic of beginnings.” So my friend, at the beginning of this new school year, just trust the magic. You never know what might happen!




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