Makeover Monday: My favorite beauty blogger

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you have heard of highlighting and contouring. Or as it is as also known HAC.  And I should probably clarify…if you follow the latest beauty trends, and enjoy putting on make up then you have HAD to have heard about HAC. When I first started observing this trend (and when every beauty blogger came out with a tutorial on how to do it) I was SO intimated. I avoided for quite a while. It looked like they were putting on war paint, not make up! But then a miracle happened, and a friend introduced me to one of my favorite bloggers…Cara Brook. AKA Maskcara. Her site is AMAZING. Her tutorials are SO easy to follow, and I even find them kind of fun! She does a really good job explaining each step, and how it helps the end goal. She also gives recommendations for reasonably priced makeup, and colors that will flatter your skin tone! I added the tutorial that taught me the basics about HAC, and here is the link to maskcara’s blog: Check it out,  and fall in love with how easy your beauty routine can really be!

Baseball Makeup


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