My story

 I believe in following dreams, and sharing our passions with the world. This is my attempt at putting all my ambitions into one, and hopefully inspiring others to live out their dreams too. I love writing, fashion, photography, acai bowls, deep talks about life, and my husband :). I dream in Chanel, and count down the days to fashion week. I have had several different internships including some with Nordstrom and Urban Outfitters. I worked with Forever 21 for a while, and have taken some fashion design and merchandising classes. So yes…I’m a tad bit into fashion ;).   I’m obsessed with crossing things off my bucket list, and am a sucker for a new reality TV show. I believe our quirks and silly secrets are what make each of us special.  My friends are my life,  and my family is my world. I am a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of latter day saints, and my faith is extremely important to me. (Click on this link to find out more!) I write about things that catch my interest, and adventures I’ve been on. I run a small photography business and share some of my work on my page from time to time. Comment on my blog, or click the contact tab above to schedule your next photoshoot!





2 thoughts on “My story

  1. Lexi, I am so sorry to hear what happened. I don’t know details but I have been through some horrible heartbreak and I just want you to know that other people are spiritually lifting you up. You are such a strong and beautiful girl. I went to message you on Facebook but I didn’t show up, I would love to meet up for lunch sometime if you are still in Utah! Email me at and we can exchange numbers in case yours has changed!


  2. I don’t have your number and I’ve missed you on FB and I just read your blog!!! I’m here for you. Email me and we will swap numbers!! ❤️ Love you!


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